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    Please find a brief synopsis of the lectures and workshops.


    Saturday, September 22nd (9.15 to 10.15)

    Synthetic Diamonds - Better, Cheaper and More with Dr. Katrien de Corte

    Synthetic diamonds of top quality (D colour, loupe clean) are on the market and vary in size from 0.005ct to 3.00ct and even larger. The identification of these stones in a laboratory is based mainly on optical defects visible in photoluminescence spectroscopy and on the analyses of growth patterns. This lecture provides an overview of the growth methods, characteristics of synthetics diamonds and the screening instruments used to detect them.

    Saturday, September 22nd (10.15 to 11.15)

    Spinel - Stepping out of the Shadows with Dr. Laurent Massi

    For centuries, spinel has lived in the shadows of the nobler ruby and blue sapphire, often misunderstood, certainly undervalued and most definitely under appreciated. Finally, spinel is getting noticed, not only by gem collectors and connoisseurs but by jewellers who are struggling to find alternatives to fine quality rubies and blue sapphires and the stratospheric prices they are commanding. If life is all about timing, there has never been a better time for spinel to shine. Dr. Laurent Massi is passionate about spinel and he hopes by the end of his talk, you will be too!

    Saturday, September 22nd (11.45 to 12.45)

    Pushing the Polariscope with Alan Hodgkinson

    In an age of modern technology, renowned gemmologist Alan Hodgkinson brings us back to earth, looking at an instrument that will not only tell us if a gemstone is singly or doubly refractive but so much more! From faceted gemstones to rough, there is more to the polariscope than meets the eye.

    Saturday, September 22nd (12.45 to 13.45)

    Tanzanite - Gemstone of a Generation with Menahem Sevdermish

    Discovered in the 1960s and named after Tanzania by Tiffany & Co. the famous jewellery firm declared it to be the most beautiful stone discovered in the last 2,000 years. However with a very limited supply it is entirely likely that this generation will be the last one able to buy stones from the primary market before the supply is exhausted. What does the future hold for this rare and beautiful gemstone?

    Saturday, September 22nd (15.15 to 16.15)

    Testing Times with Antoinette Matlins

    When it comes to gem identification it’s not who you know but what you know and Antoinette knows an awful lot. In ‘Testing Times’, Antoinette breathes new life into basic gem instruments and shows you how to get maximum mileage out of them without breaking the bank!

    Saturday, September 22nd (16.15 to 17.15)

    Objective Diamond Clarity Grading with Geoff Dominy

    Two of the cornerstones of diamond grading are accuracy and consistency. Pioneered by Michael D. Cowing, 'Objective Diamond Clarity Grading' alters the ‘playing field’ considerably by introducing a system that removes the subjectivity of diamond clarity grading. Now it is even possible for 'novice' diamond clarity graders to reach a level of consistency that up until now has only been possible after years of experience and the examination of thousands and thousands of diamonds.

    Lectures & Workshops

    Sunday, September 23rd (9.30 to 10.30)

    Rags to Riches - The Genesis of a Gemstone with Dr. Laurent Massi

    Forged through heat and pressure, adorned, revered and treasured by Man, gemstones have held an esteemed position since the beginning of time. In Rags to Riches – The Genesis of a Gemstone, Dr. Laurent Massi looks at the metamorphosis of a gemstone from rough mineral to dazzling rock.

    Sunday, September 23rd (10.30 to 12.00)

    Workshop - GemeWizard: Putting the 'U' back into Color with Menahem Sevdermish & Guy Borenstein

    One of the challenges facing our industry is the effective communication of colour and how we assess the quality and value of coloured gemstones and fancy coloured diamonds. Test drive GemeWizard, find out how it works, why it works and why you should not leave home without it.

    Please Note: Participants must have a laptop or iPad to access the digital aspects of this presentation.

    Sunday, September 23rd (13.00 to 14.00)

    Pearls of Wisdom - Making the Grade with Antoinette Matlins

    Known as the ‘Queen of Gems’, pearls have aroused passion, desire and fascination since before recorded history. Symbolizing perfection, modesty and purity, their unparalleled beauty is one of nature’s great treasures. In ‘Pearls of Wisdom – Making the Grade’, Antoinette discusses their origin and the seven factors that determine their value.

    Sunday, September 23rd (14.00 to 15.30)

    Workshop - The Hodgkinson Blues with Alan Hodgkinson

    Always passionate, always engaging and always full of enthusiasm, join Alan as he explores all things blue and beautiful. This workshop covers the A to Z of blue gemstones with a few surprises along the way.